nice to meet you

My name’s Ann. I’m a Swedish freelance journalist based in Stockholm and covering all of Scandinavia. Thanks to fifteen years of experience at home and abroad, a journalism degree from Columbia, and a vast network of contacts, I’m fast and reliable.  

So email me why don’t you?

My writing has been published by The Blizzard, Foul Play Magazine, Al Jazeera English, Global Post, among others. I’m a contributing photographer to Getty Images and a former radio reporter specializing in organised crime, policing and the justice system.

Here’s a mini CV:

• Fixer for international media (e.g. TIME)
• Local news journalist for public service radio
• True crime podcast host
• TV producer

• Literary Journalism teacher
• Bestselling nonfiction author

”True crime at its truest” said one critic about my first book Follow F***ing Orders. She added: ”Tornkvist has a detective’s eye for detail, and a writer’s way with words. The result is a gripping, visual, visceral account of a mobster murder that gripped Sweden.”