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Do you need a reporter or photojournalist with experience across several media and a wide contact network in Sweden? Look no further.


Stockholm-based reporter and true crime author. 2006 alumna of Columbia Journalism School. Clients include the BBC and Al Jazeera and Swedish media.



Contact Mondial for media requests about my book. Read up on the story behind it here..

Type of work

Breaking news, features, phone-ins, op-eds, fixing, documentary photography, radio pieces, lifestyle and trend features. I write in Swedish and English, plus work in French.


”Do we live on Sicily?”
The rare murder of a witness in Sweden

British true-crime magazine Foul Play (order your copy online here):

Residents of a sleepy Stockholm suburb were shocked and baffled by a triple murder last year. The suspects are young and without priors, yet it’s not so much who they are but what they did that has caught Sweden’s attention - killing a murder witness in broad daylight in front of the police.

"If you hang out with bad people, bad things happen."


‘Foul Play’ is the true-crime magazine
made by women

(read full interview)

The Ann Törnkvist story, about her experience as a reporter writing a book about the mafia, is great. How did you hear about her story?


This was one of my favorite stories from issue one.

Ann Törnkvist is a Swedish crime journalist who had just finished writing her debut book about Swedish gang crime, Folj Fucking Order (Follow Fucking Orders), when she started to receive threats from the gangster the book was about.

She had to go into hiding, which obviously massively affected her work and life. To make the story more complicated, her publisher then dropped the book. It became a tabloid story in Sweden about the pressure journalists face and how they should be supported when under threat.


Joan Didion

I write entirely to find out what I’m thinking, what I’m looking at, what I see and what it means. What I want and what I fear.



Crime reporting for public service Sveriges Radio

Explosive rise of fatal shootings edge Stockholm closer to Malmö levels of gun violence

Dödsskjutningar i Stockholm närmar sig Malmös nivå


Sett till antal dödsskjutningar har Stockholm i år fler dödsfall än Malmö, som dock fortfarande ligger i topp i Sverige när det kommer till dödsskjutningar per invånare. (Med faktaruta.)

”Bara att fråga efter en femma hasch och ett vapen på torget”

Customs see a tenfold increase in illegal and life-threatening codein, most bought online

Tiofaldig illegal import av potentiellt livsfarligt kodein


Tullverket beslagtar allt fler smärtstillande medel. För några veckor sedan fick David, 28, erfara hur farligt kodein kan vara när han hjälpte sin påverkade vän i säng för att sova av sig ruset.

”Han var en stor, stark kille. De här tabletterna döda vem som helst”

The new generation of criminals are quick to take offence – increasing the risk of further shootings

Gängens lättkränkthet ökar risken för skjutningar

P4 Stockholm

Steget från kränkning till mord har blivit mycket kortare. En lätt kränkning räcker i dag för att någon ska skjutas ihjäl och det här ökar risken för fler dödsskjutningar i Stockholm – och äldre kriminella skakar på huvudet. 

”Dom sover dåligt om nätterna; backar du är du slut som artist”


How Sweden’s ”most wanted” terrorist brought a town together with a party

Al Jazeera - When an Iraqi asylum seeker was wrongly accused of plotting a terror attack and let go, he and his friends decided to host a party for his neighbours to dispel fear.

"We wanted to apologise for all the hassle and attention my arrest caused."


From the archive: Uranium mining splits Swedish villagers over jobs versus the environment

Christian Science Monitor – An open-cast uranium mine could offer work in a Swedish village that is steadily losing its young to the job opportunities of the cities. It could also damage the pristine highland environment and the tourism-dependent local economy.

"Prospectors were welcomed with a shotgun."


Yttrandefriheten är ingen orubblig naturlag

Fotografisk tidskrift – Krönika: Yttrandefrihet är en hörnsten i vårt öppna samhälle. Men att den är grundlagsskyddad betyder inte att den är en orubblig naturlag, vi måste uppenbarligen slåss för den. Och journalister av olika slag, inklusive fotografer, står på frontlinjen.


Women athletes get raw deal in ‘feminist Sweden’

Al Jazeera - Volleyball star Aida "Monster Blocker" Rejzovic may play in Sweden's top league, but she gets no money for doing so. That's symptomatic of women and "women's sports" receiving less support, fewer sponsorships and trainings scheduled at unsociable hours, say sports experts.

"My colleagues ask me why I need a day job when I'm an elite athlete."


”Svetlana tells the truth”

The National (UAE) - Nobel literature prize winner Svetlana Alexievich will follow in the footsteps of previous laureates by making a detour from the glamourous ceremonies to meet the children of Rinkeby, one of Sweden’s most diverse neighbourhoods.

“Svetlana tells the truth when the government tries to hide it.”.


Trend report
Pink packs a punch

Refuel Magazine
How did one colour take over the world?


How Sweden’s coping with refugee influx

NPR - Here & Now's Jeremy Hobson talks with reporter Ann Törnkvist in Stockholm, Sweden, and reporter Theresa Tropper in Berlin, Germany, about how their countries are coping with the ongoing influx of people seeking asylum (November 2015).


Från arkivet: Bröllopsfotografen från Basra

Fotografisk tidskrift (2010) Han drev en av Basras främsta fotostudios, sedan kom kriget och i dess kölvatten islamisterna som hatade att Omar och hans fru gift sig över shia-sunnigränsen. Sedan kom dödshotet och flykten till Sverige.

"Om din dotter inte sätter på sig huvudduk halshugger vi henne nästa gång."